Mapping Out Medicare

Your Navigation Guide For Your Medicare Journey

Learning Medicare is like learning a second language. To become fluent in your Medicare health benefits you need to learn the words and understand the main ideas.

-Author Unknown

Meet the creator...

Hello, I'm Shelley. Welcome to a unique learning environment. I created Mapping Out Medicare for YOU...

The beneficiary who feels overwhelmed and not all that interest in a large, unfamiliar, complicated program. You want a more simplistic approach without ALL the pressure to choose this plan, or go with this company, and want to get away from all the confusion BUT...

You know doing nothing rather than taking an active approach to your health care has a downside. Yep, money flying out of your wallet OR you aren't able to get your health care as you want to receive it.

This program will help you make a better plan selection so you can get on with your life with less worries.

Here's everything that's included...

🌼  Pre-Test
🌼 Questionnaire
🌼 4 Medicare Foundational Videos
🌼 Workbook
🌼 Two 1 hour 1:1, of your choice of phone calls or Zoom/Google Meet
🌼 Personalized Medicare Plan
🌼 Unlimited email support for 30 days

Areas of study

🌸 Original Medicare


🌸Medicare Advantage

 🌼Part D


Is there a perfect plan? No plan is perfect...
You need to find the type of plan that comes closest to aligning with your priorities.
Your risk for choosing poorly can be greatly reduced if you follow a process designed to help you choose wisely.

When you go on Medicare get ready for...

🌼missing the days when you could talk to your Benefit Administrator and only had limited plan choices
🌼 becoming exhausted by all the “too good to be true” commercials on T.V.
🌼hearing a lot of different opinions from family and friends about various plans and not sure who to listen to
🌼ALL THE MAIL you'll receive from endless companies with identical information

and HERE is the icing on the cake that may make your brain explode

The various enrollment periods throughout the year:

Initial Enrollment Period
General Enrollment Period
Special Enrollment Period
Medicare Open Enrollment
Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment

Hold on... WHAT?

🌸Who are these enrollment periods for? Do I have to do anything?
🌸What do I do during these different enrollment periods?
🌸When are they?
🌸Where do I have to go?
🌸Why are there so many?

Deep breath...I got all this covered in the program. 

1 Person


1 Person 

2 Payments of $309

2 People


2 People

2 Payments of $429

Interested in a lower price BETA version? Don't mind surveys and providing feedback, especially when it saves $? Switch to the BETA version of this program.